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Jul 04, 2019

Shares returns have increased to 7% per week

The volatility in the cryptocurrency market has significantly increased in recent months and this has become an excellent opportunity for experienced traders to increase their earnings. We also did not remain aloof from what is happening and conducted successful trades of digital assets.

In this regard, the company can afford to change marketing and increase the weekly percentage of the profit of investors to 4-7%. Now your capital gains more income with minimal risk.

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Best wishes,

Saxore team

May 28, 2019

Webinar with Timchenko, May 30

We invite you to listen to information about the company Saxore on the webinar, which will be held on May 30 at 19.00 Moscow time on our partner’s YouTube channel:

We will discuss the company's current achievements, platform development plans, as well as new investment areas.

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Saxore team

May 12, 2019

Trading advisor rentals

It's time for nice benefits from Saxore! We decided to launch an unprecedented promotion for our investors and new clients. You can get a 50% discount for our trading advisor rentals for 3 months. The product is set to launch in June 2019.

You can read more about trading advisors and promotions on the following page:

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Saxore team.

May 07, 2019

BTC stocks and webinar on the platform operation

Great news for cryptocurrency holders. We have enabled the purchase of the company's BTC stocks without conversion into USD in the dashboard. You can now multiply your digital assets with the lowest risk. The cryptocurrency market will demonstrate a strong revival in the next few years, and the coin will appreciate. In turn, we'll make every effort to create a reliable passive source of income from your money using the company’s investment tools. Your funds will be used in Forex trading and in trading cryptocurrencies on the exchange by our best trading advisors.

Our investors and active partners are welcome to attend the company's webinar, where you can get a closer look at Saxore products, current achievements and plans.
Share information about the upcoming webinar with your friends and offer them to join Saxore. Detailed information about the time and place of the meeting will be announced in our news.

Best wishes,
Saxore team.

Apr 23, 2019


The company working processes are active. Our customers make a profit according to the declared marketing plan. The development is in full swing, and we are working on several innovations.  We want to tell you about them in brief.

BTC stock

Investment tools for working with cryptocurrency are in the final stage of beta testing. This is a great news for crypto assets owners who are not interested in investing their currency in the company in USD at the moment. In May 2019 BTC shares will become available for purchase. Deposits in this asset will be saved in the cryptocurrency without conversion and, accordingly, dividends will also be received in the digital currency.

Saxore Exchange

Stock exchange for the purchase/sale of the company shares is almost ready. Very soon our customers will have the opportunity to sell part or all of their shares in order to withdraw the deposit body.

Rental of advisors

This company service will become our business card in the investment environment. In the near future each of our clients will be able to use the rental service of a trading robot and install it on their personal brokerage account.

All the details about our new products will be published on and in the "Blog" section. Follow our news to keep abreast of the current events in the company.

Best wishes,
Saxore team

Mar 19, 2019

Start of Saxore investment platform

The company has been carrying out investment activity since 2016. After studying all the pitfalls and high-quality testing of our earning tools we are ready to scale our experience and announce the official start of accepting investments from a wide range of investors with a minimum entry threshold of only $ 50.

At this stage the purchase of USD shares has been realized. In the future it will be possible to buy BTC shares and receive income in crypto currency without converting it into dollars. We also draw your attention to the fact that the following payment systems are now available for investments: Perfect money, Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin. The company has plans to add other popular payment systems after agreements with payment aggregates and administrations of payment services have been reached.

In the near future the internal exchange of the company where partners will trade shares of the company will also become available. We will notify you in details about the work of the exchange in a separate message in the news and email newsletter.

If you have any questions, please contact the support service on our website.

Best wishes,
Saxore team.

Mar 13, 2019

Why is Saxore a reliable investment choice?

In this article we will tell you about our vision of the investment industry development. We will also share the experience we already have and our plans for the company development.

Probably every experienced investor has experience of cooperation with swindlers. There are many offers on the Internet with different options for investing money. Unprincipled creators of such platforms often resort to various tricks and give impracticable promises, which ultimately leads to a partial or full loss of the investor’s funds.

Choosing a reliable partner for your savings, finding a company that can bring you income, and staying calm and confident at the same time are the main requests of a competent investor. In pursuit of fabulous profits, a person loses his guidelines and might make a wrong choice. Do not forget one of the main rules of the investor that the money must work and bring you profit!

The Saxore's product offers investments in various areas. We are open to our potential partners and will provide everyone with information on real financial activity of the company. Our words fully correspond to our actions: we do not invent legends for raising capital, we are fully focused on the development of the company's services. We are setting up and testing new products in order to diversify risks in the future and to ensure high-quality fulfillment of our obligations to our customers.

You should understand that when you give your money to unverified companies in hope of good luck you risk being the last in the Ponzi scheme. It is important to rationally assess the risks and future returns from your investments. If you have come to investment to tickle your nerves, then you should not read this article and study our site, but if you are determined to become a competent investor, if you want your money to bring you a steady income, and if you want to stay calm and peaceful, then you have come to the right company!

The niche we work in is developing at a great pace. Every day there is new information and new products that can help you earn high income. We are highly positive and look to the future with confidence and solid ground under our feet. Saxore offers you to become part of the growing and successful team. By joining us today, in half a year you will already get a tangible result and perhaps a passive income that will fully meet all your needs for a great fulfilling life.

Believe us: online investments exist. You can and will live with dignity. We have already done everything for you. You just have to make the right decision!

Best wishes,
Saxore team

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