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Is Saxore officially registered?

The current participants of the company used to carry out their activities as private persons without raising investments and operated according to the relevant documents. At the moment, Saxore management is consulting with the company's lawyers on the choice of jurisdiction for the necessary documents registration and obtaining permits. We will publish documents on our website when the company is officially registered.

Why is there a break in accepting deposits and buying sares on the exchange every Saturday from 00.00am to 11.59pm?

According to the company's marketing plan, the profit received during the week is calculated every Saturday, and dividends are accrued to users' balances according to the investors' shares.

How much will I receive from referred investors?

You will get 5-7-10% of the total profit gained from the partner’s funds (depending on your status in the company) from the active investors you referred, for a lifetime. The detailed conditions of the affiliate program can be found on the page titled Investment Offer. For instance, your status  in the company is Leader and your active investor purchased shares for $10,000. Assume an average return on shares is 30% per month. This means that the monthly profit is distributed among: a) investor – $2,100, Saxore – $600, and YOU – $300.

Is deposit required for receiving an affiliate reward?

Yes, you must have a deposit of at least $50 to get an affiliate reward.

I have requested a payout. When will I receive it?

The terms of payouts in the company is not more than 72 hours on business days. On Mondays, after profits are accrued to the users' balance, payments are made faster than on other days.

How can I withdraw a part or a principal of the deposit?

You need to visit the "Exchange" page in your personal account and place a sell order for any number of shares at the desired price. Then wait for the order execution. Set a market value in the order to sell shares faster.

What size of dividends will I get?

The company uses investments raised from partners to build up the working capital in various areas, such as trading on traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges; purchasing masternodes and cryptocurrency mining, as well as other areas. The rate of return is floating and can vary from 0% to more. According to previous results, the company earned 15% to 45% of net profit monthly. You can find out the company's performance indicators for the current and previous periods on the main page of the website, in your personal account, and in the weekly financial reports.

I would like to buy shares, but I don't have the currency the company accepts.

You can register at one of the payment systems available for balance top-up on the Saxore website and use the exchange services. Proven operators can be found at

How to buy or sell shares on the exchange?

To purchase shares on the exchange, you need place a buy (sell) order under the desired conditions (at market value is recommended). Wait for the order execution after that.

At what rate is a cryptocurrency deposit converted when purchasing USD shares?

When USD shares are purchased for cryptocurrency and funds are withdrawn from the balance, they are converted at the current market rate, which you can see in the control panel on the right side of the website.

What does the “company share” in the personal account mean?

Company share is the total number of your shares to the total number of shares purchased from the company by all investors by now.

What does the USD and BTC Profit balance in the personal account mean?

Dividends and affiliate rewards are accrued to your Profit balance. You can withdraw the available amount from the balance to your payment details.

What is the rate for USD shares?

The company share rate is fixed:
1 USD share = $1
1 BTC share = 0.0005 BTC
The share rate on the exchange is floating and is determined by a market demand.

What are USD and BTC shares?

You need to purchase USD or BTC  shares on the company's website to receive dividends. Ownership of the company share entitles you to a lifetime income from the Saxore activities. You can sell part or all of the shares on the company's internal exchange at any time.

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