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Briefly about the areas of investments

Trading in the cryptocurrency market, traditional Forex market, and metal market. Saxore professional traders use their own successful trading strategies in financial markets, which ensures a high return on investment in this niche. We regularly improve the trading skills of the company's traders in order to increase profits from this area.

Cryptocurrency mining and investing in masternodes is the second area of investment but no less significant and profitable. Appreciation of the digital currency allows to gain super profits from cryptocurrency mining in a short term. Saxore has had positive experience in this field since 2016. The company owns premises and equipment for cryptocurrency mining, and we will make maximum use of our experience in this niche when prices in the market of digital assets rise.

Masternodes are nodes in the cryptocurrency network, which confirm the transaction and secure decentralization. Unlike cryptocurrency mining, masternodes do not require space for equipment or spending on the farm components or electricity. The principle of the masternode operation resembles a bank deposit. The only difference is that the profitability of various masternodes can be vary significantly, so operation with this investment tool requires careful preparation, in-depth market analytics and a sound investment approach. We have successfully mastered the work with the masternodes and are ready to scale our experience using investments.

Principle of investing in Saxore

You buy shares in the dashboard of the company website that will indefinitely bring you dividends.

The investor can withdraw a part or a principle of the deposit using the company's internal exchange by creating a sell order in the appropriate section of the website, where anyone can buy them from you.

Saxore also participates in the exchange trading and buys shares from sellers for its own profits and working capital of the company.


The Saxore team has developed a high-quality investment risk management strategy, which includes both high-yielding and stable earnings instruments.

Risk diversification allows us to gain stable balanced profits from the company's products and minimize possible negative indicators in one of the markets where Saxore operates.

The investor's share in our project is 70% of the total profit, which obviously is an attractive condition for investing.

We have a confident outlook and clearly see the prospects of the company and our partners. We have sufficient experience, ready-made strategies and knowledge in the investment market, so that even a newcomer to the investment market can multiply earnings in the shortest possible time.

We transform your money into a source of long-term profit. At the same time, you become not just a client, but an equal partner of the company.

Open financial statements of cash flows

Our competitive advantage is the full transparency of financial flows aimed both at the purchase of assets and the distribution of profits derived from them.

On the page Weekly financial reports you can see all marked transactions received as rewards from Saxore investment products, as well as confirming screenshots.

Profit distribution

The company accepts investments from $50 (in cryptocurrency equivalent) from partners and invests them to financial markets, cryptocurrency mining, and investments in masternodes.

Then we accumulate profits to the company's wallets during the reporting week and distribute them every Saturday in the following proportion:

  • 70%


  • 10%

    Saxore fee

  • 20%

    Active partners


It is difficult to find an honest and profitable online investment company today. The investment market is full of scammers and companies that offer their services to a narrow circle of large investors.

Unlike them, our product is available to everyone. We strictly observe the anonymity and confidentiality of our partners, and provide exceptional customer service and support. Regardless of the size of the investment portfolio, we care about each client, so you are guaranteed to get all the information you need and any advice from the company's support service.

Affiliate program

We offer attractive terms of cooperation for active partners. By referring people using your personalized link, you will get a share of the total income from your referral's investment – up to 15% and 5% from the second line of your structure.

We believe that your efforts and dedication to the common cause should be rewarded. This is why the company provides additional bonuses and gifts for investors and active partners.

Terms of the Affiliate Program:
  • 5%

    personal deposit

    from $50


  • 10%

    amount of the partners' deposits from $10 000


  • 15%

    amount of the partners' deposits from $50 000


Our plans

The company is going to develop various areas of investments. We are constantly striving to improve the existing Saxore products, looking for and developing new features and algorithms for earnings.

Capital management instruments are carefully selected and tested; we focus on the diversification of the investment portfolio when choosing the investment niche.

An international low-risk and highly profitable online investment platform will be created on the basis of Saxore in the near future.

Terms of cooperation

The market where Saxore operates can drastically change the vector of development, and therefore, we reserve the right to change the terms of cooperation with clients to protect the interests of our partners.

This may include:

marketing, procedure for dividends accrual, terms of money acceptance and payouts.

Clients will be notified of all changes in the terms of cooperation no later than 24 hours through the company's official news sources and via email.

Why do we need this?

Any successful product needs to be scaled, recognized, and popularized.

You need to invest more effort in achieving greater heights in business than you can afford!

At the Saxore team, we believe in what we do, we are consciously responsible for our clients, and we know that we will achieve success together!