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Our experience and successful business model will make your capital a source of real passive income.

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Saxore product

How to obtain a reliable passive income without participation in MLM companies? How to multiply your capital and find a profitable investment solution among the numerous online offers without running into a scam website? We know that you have read these motivational slogans many times, but we have something to offer you anyway. Let us exchange a few minutes of your time for a few lines about an exclusive offer from Saxore.

Our product includes interesting and profitable investment dimensions, namely:

trading in the cryptocurrency market, traditional Forex market and metal market; mining cryptocurrency and investments in masternodes.

The aggregate profits from the above niches fluctuates around 15%-30% per month and depends on the dynamics of financial markets volatility and the general trend in the cryptocurrency market capitalization.

Investors of the company receive 70% of the total profit, which will eventually bring you 16-28% of passive income monthly.

Welcome to join a promising company and make money with us. We have created a unique product, which is unparalleled in the investment industry.

We are the first online platform with real operations, high yield and low risk.

Why it is so profitable to invest in Saxore

  • Trust

    We have an open and honest dialogue with our partners
  • Flexibility

    A wide range of investment tools for risk diversification
  • Transparency

    Investors personally monitor weekly financial reports.
  • Motivation

    The team is motivated to achieve results at any cost.

Profit distribution

Our experience and successful business model will make your capital a source of a real passive income.

All funds earned from the company's operation for the reporting period are credited to a common account and are distributed every Saturday using the formula

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How does it work?

  • Saxore accepts trust management investments

  • The received funds are allocated for the expansion of the production and financial capacities of the company.

  • Business processes are monetized and the profits are distributed under the contract.


who are we?

We have been operating in the cryptocurrency market since 2014. We started our operations with a modest investment in cryptocurrency and further trading on the exchange. Then we have been actively exploring the field of cryptocurrency mining since 2016. A large private mining company was created very fast.

We received super profits from this type of activity in the period of active growth of the digital currencies market.

Our team has been rebuilt in line with the realities of the modern economy by now. We have created unique trading strategies in traditional financial markets and trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, and we also master modern blockchain technologies and develop products for this industry.

Why us?

There are professionals and highly qualified specialists in our company.
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We are an ambitious team with a successful investment experience. Our main task is to create the best conditions for earning on the investment market for you. This can become not your additional but even the main source of income that fully satisfies your needs.

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