Trading advisor rentals

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Saxore trading advisors

Is a unique development of the company that we use to work with the investments of our clients.

Robots have been actively used since 2018. For the time being we have received profits from all 150 brokerage accounts involved in trading by robots. Trading advisors were developed by the best American exchange traders for hedge funds and now these tools are available for anyone who wants to earn in foreign exchange markets without time and financial losses.

Who is the product suitable for?

  • You are not used to giving your funds to the management, but you want to receive passive income.
  • You have a large amount of investment funds you plan to make a profit from.
  • You have heard about trading advisors, but do not know where to find a reliable and proven robot.

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Rental of a trading advisor

Is a procedure that will take a minimum of your time and does not require any technical skills or other skills! We will do all the settings for you.

You will only need to withdraw profits from your trading account at any time you wish.

The quality of robots
is time tested!